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Jeffrey Allen Edens...Memorial

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Please join us in honoring the life of Jeffrey Allen Edens.
Jeff was more than a son, brother, father, significant other, or friend.  He was a walking, talking, laughing ray of light.  He saw the world with facination as if looking through a child's eyes.   Jeff had a passion for life, friends, family and music.  His laugh captured those of us around him!  By his side many of us learned to celebrate life in all new ways.
In this dedication, we hope to assemble a true portrayal of the amazing kid that he was at heart while also showing the loyal, warm, intelligent, loving man that he was to the bottom of his soul!  

Common threads among many of us were brought about simply because we had the pleasure of knowing Jeff.  He touched so many lives in so many ways.  Let's all reach into our hearts and photo albums to explore this man named Jeff Edens. 


The site is set as a place for us to re-visit Jeff. Someday...Jeff's children will be able to look at this assembly and know just how many of us loved their dad.
Jeffrey Allen Edens
May 12, 1970-August 10, 2004

Please take a moment to sign Jeff's guestbook. The link is at the bottom of each page "Guestbook/sign my guestbook/view my guestbook.) You go directly to the book when you click "sign my guestbook" (bottom area/orange
on black of any page.) I know that it is ridiculously hard to think of something to say and that it rips your soul out doing it because it feels like saying good-bye, but you'll feel better afterwards. Several friends have asked why the count for visits to the site seems so high, but only a
handful have signed the book.

We are all looking forward to seeing more stories, seeing how Jeff effected you, and leaving something for Kyla to read someday.

Tell your best Jeff stories. I want to leave the Family with something to make each of them laugh, smile, cry, and get to know their son, brother, and dad through us with the guestbook part of the site along with the rest of the website (if that makes any sense.)

I know it is hard. It almost ripped my heart out to write the words, but I felt a little better after doing so. If you feel like you can't do it, DO NOT feel badly. This is only a request and I thank those in advance that can find it within them to go there!

Please email your personal memories, photos, antidotes, quotes, stories, music, or video in memory of our pal Jeff! 
Email to ornamentk@earthlink.net for upload . 
If you or someone close to you is struggling with a Crystal Meth addiction, please visit this website:     http://atlantacma.org  or call   Georgia CMA Help Line    404-454-3637!!!  Do it for yourself and in honor of Jeff. 


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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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