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Athens, GA Rocked by Jeffrey Edens!

Jeffrey Allen Edens...Memorial

We certainly had NO Lack of good times in athens. One of my favorite stories is we were walking in Athens on a beautiful sunny day, we were approaching Michael Stipe's house when suddenly Mr. Stipe himself shouts a hello from his porch. Michael must have noticed the cooler in Jeff's hand and the cold ones in each of our hands and he says "hey man can I get one of those?" Jeff responded "no way man...I know you have a job and cash to get your own" then laughed and handed Michael Stipe a beer. It was a great moment and Jeff smiled for weeks about it. If you have more photos or stories please send them to me and I'll be sure that everything gets posted up. Send to ornamentk@earthlink.net!



Halloween in Athens...Jeff and Friends
Jeff is the trippy Sorority Girl in top row!

This Halloween was a TRIP!  We had parties at several house for two nights running.  Cheers to John Crowe, Ripley, Satula, Grady St. and downtown Athens for surviving this year of Halloween fun! 


Halloween at Satula (post fire rebuild!)
Jeff is in top row again...all dolled up!


Road Trip home for Christmas from Athens Days...
Chris, Loretta, Jeff, and KaRon

Meet the Athens Gang!  Whether you know Jeff from high-school, East/West Villas, Subway, Talmadge Street, The Grateful Dead Connection, or just by meeting him at a party and hanging out the next day...You know this boy could have some fun!  Jeff knew and loved all of the people in photos below (he found a 2nd family in Athens as did many of us!)  Here's to Jeff "Shakin on Shakedown Street!" forever more!!!!  

I made it and I'll wear it everyday if I want to!!
Jeff's infamous Black and white Tie Dye

KaRon (KK/Ornament) Eats Taco Stand
When in Athens, these were Jeff's favorite things: Taco Stand and KaRon...in that order (ha ha)!!!

I'm thinking some kind of drinking game....
Looks like that's what's up here!

After Jeff left the E. Side and the Villas and moved to Talmadge Street. It was if by accident that he and KaRon were suddenly living RIGHT NEXT DOOR (stones throw) away from good friends Pamela Boyleston, Stephany and Heather Parker, and Alex Beldon. All the moving had taken place over some kind of break so everyone was pleasantly surprised. Dell and T-Bone (fellow deadheads) lived directly across the street and some band lived on the corner. Then Jennifer was one street up across from Locos, Don was across Baxter on Pope, Rich/Johnny/Bren/Kevin were across from the tree that owned itself. We were set...everyone could walk everywhere even to our awful jobs.

Some of Jeff's Neighbors in Athens, GA
Left to Right: Alex, Stephany (next door on Talmadge St.) and Scot (next Bldg. E/W Villas)

Another shot of Alex and Stephany our Neighbors
This one was shot at DAVIS ST the hang out house of all hang out houses in Athens!

Alex Beldon and Pamela Boyleston
Next Door Neighbors to Jeff and KaRon on Talmadge St. Athens

Way Cool Shot of Alex and Pam....Spooky Monument
Another shot of the neighbors doing a usual weekend kind of thing!

Pam holds up the Keg
Where was Jeff...this was his job!

The bird was infamous...."Jerry Rules" & "Roll one
T-Bone lived across the street and loved the Dead & Pink Floyd as much as Jeff did...Instant Friend

One person , two people, ten people ....PARTY
Just kind of worked that way w/ Jeff & KaRon in Athens. I don't know who's torn out???

Beth, Pam and Scott waiting on the keg.
Jeff sponsored his fair share of keggers...even if a few were with Chris's ATM Card. Right Chris!?

Beth Cobb (left) and Beth Medders (Right)
Leaving the Talmadge apartment from what looks like more of a study session than a party!

Gary and Beth partying at KaRon and Jeff's
Beth and Gary are from the infamous Davis St. House o'Fun!!!

Beth Medders (Cleaveland) Plays Quaters!
One of Jeff's past-times in Athens...having Beth kick his bootie in Quarters! Patrick looks on!

Scot and Gary hanging on the Futon!
Party getting started!

Don (with bike injury), Scot, and Beth Hang Out
Typical partying at Talmadge Street (nickname Shakedown Street)

Jeff was always a Don Supporter...no matter what the band!

Don and Al at a Jeff and KaRon Gathering.
Who knew 9 years later KaRon & Don would fall in love & Jeff would remain a great friend to BOTH?

Brian Southard in Party Mode
Future owner of Hillbilly Dirt Gear-Protective Mountain boarding apparell!

Brians Morning after party pose.
Sunglasses, awake, and baked!

Don cooking Jeff's Favorite Don Cuisine!
Eat a Chicken Fajita...and be hot like us! (Don and Jeff 1990)


Alan and the Dogs!
Taken at Rob's Wedding!

Jen and Rob
Pritty Gurl and Purty Boy

Han, KaRon, Alan, and Lynn
Taken at Rob's Wedding...Missed Jeff there!

Han and Ripley
Taken at Rob's Wedding!

Lazing around about Beth and Pams far away place
Don't mind that fire next door...Really with Firetrucks and Everything!

Jeff sleept through Fire Trucks & Alarms next door
The Man could do some sleeping!

A Day in The Life...The Athens Gang!
Jeff's good-time list in Athens: Friends, Keg, pizza, and funny papers!

Lft. to Rt.: KaRon, Saskia, Jennifer more recent
Saskia was Jeff's roomie at one time & Jen was a huge part of Jeff's life...old photos ran away!


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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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