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Notable Quotes and Inspiration
Jeffrey Allen Edens...Memorial

If you have a memorable quote, antidote, or short Jeff story, send it to me and I'll put it here.  
Please visit www.thejourneyfilm.com check out the short film and the CD.  Eric Saperston describes life in way that totally sounds like Jeff "There's a lot of people out there who will try to squelch your dreams.  They will tell you that what you're doing is not practical, that you won't be able to pay the bills or get a good dental plan.  But it takes an awful lot of courage to say, "I'm not going to listen to those people." 
Jeff lived much like that...without a censor button, without rules, but with love and laughter all around!   


Home is where the clothes aren't...in response to friends wondering why Jeff refused to put on clothes just because friends came over in Athens.  He was known for answering the door and hanging out for hours with just a throw blanket or towel wrapped around his waist.
Story told by Don about Jeff:  Jeff and I got ahold of these modeling headshots of Rob Vance.  Somehow we came up  with the idea to copy one of the more "pretty" shots and make little Rob Posters.  We took the photo to Kinkos and had them copy a bunch of them.  We had added a little text to the bottom.  It read "have you slept with this man?"  It was fucking funny as hell. Jeff and Don plastered the Rob posters all about Baxter and around campus just for fun.  
Hackey Sac should be an olympic sport!  Jeff, Don, Brian, Chris Potter, T-bone, and even Pam spent hours mastering the art of kicking around a little bean-ball in the street on Talmadge and on North Campus UGA.
Dell and T-Bone said of Jeff when heading to Deer Creek Indianna for a Dead Show....Who needs a rolling machine?  Jeff's riding in back!
Jeff's name for Deer Creek from that point forward "Dead Creek"...during his early Jerry/Grateful Dead worship.
The holy grail of food...talking about "the snackmaster" advertised on late night TV.  Jeff, Rob, and Han were sitting on the futon dreaming of grilled cheese like it was the most amazing dish ever created. 
"The Jeff went to Jail Keg" ... Created the night Jeff ended up in the slammer for writing a bad check for cigarrettes...The pack of smokes ended up costing over a 180 bucks.  Everyone chipped in their change to bond him out and throw a party for the occasion. 
Jeff describing The Cure's Desintegration Album "how can a band that writes boys don't cry write an entire albumn that makes you do just that...what the F#@! man!  
After many a visitor did the nasty on the futon (Athens and Charleston), Jeff appropriately coined it "The Fuckton" and moved it to the sunroom. 
Term to describe The Hampton Pointe Apartment when Tim lived below...
"Six Flags...bud"  Tim and Jeff decided that Ewok's place with all the toys was like Six Flags to Maggie (The Bud) 
After running out of suitable mixers at a late night party...Jeff and Don invented "The Bloody Sunrise"  A sad and sickening combination of Bloody Mary Mix, Tequilla and lime juice.
Leave before KaRon hits the shit Fan...instructions to Jason who had just punted Ewok across the living room as KaRon walks out to see the little fur ball airborne.
After listening to Jim Morrison's American Prayer and Tim's theory "A bottle of wine, some candles, and American Prayer playing in the back ground is a guaranteed lay"...Jeff says I don't know about you but I just might sleep with Jim after hearing American Prayer...he is a God!  But does that really
work for you? 
Jeff and Tim named KaRon "ornament" after seeing an ad for the upcoming Doors movie where Pam (Jim's gal) introduced her self as the Band Ornament.  Making fun of her love of Jim Morrison and tendency to be a band Groupie..."I'm not going with you to see a band named Hootie and the Blowfish...noway man! Now...toad the wet sproket is another thing." 
Jeff's name for another downstairs neighbor in Hampton Pointe "Krusty"...her name was Kristy, but she made the mistake of leaving Vagisil on the coffee table for Jeff to see.
Jeff recipe for getting lucky after fouling up...Termed the "Get Laid Tray" by Jeff and Tim:  Silver platter, Bottle of Beringer White Zin in the middle, Strawberries around the perimeter, and rose pettles to garnish! 
A few more shared between Tim and Jeff to descibe pretty much daily life:
Waynes World
Where's the Ornament?  Get out of your Chair?
Tim to Jeff..."Why cross the bridge?  Everything I need is Here" about Folly.
Jeff describing what happened to Ewok with age..."his balls dried up"
Stay Maggie, stay.
Jeff and four others were responsible for "Do me, do my laundry" T-Shirt...Jeff was later responsible for "Do me Do my friends" t-shirt when KaRon busted him shagging her pal.   And of course there was the infamous "Its the Water" shirt. 
Jeff's infamous Zippo tricks with the LSD lighter!  KaRon's mom saw the lighter and asked him if his initials had changed and he had to explain that one...Funny!
Jeff was the first and probably only person to buy a "Domino's Hat" off the delivery driver because he thought it would look so cool on him.  (they often traveled the 2 blocks to Talmadge Street because they delivered Coke Classic two litters...AKA "the perfect hangover beverage") 
Jeff's Athens Uniform=Domino's hat, tie-dye, cut off Jean shorts, and Chuck Taylors...only in winter was there a slight variation...add long-johns under above mentioned Jean shorts.  Jeff's Dress up outfit Athens=Tie-Dye, Potter's House Tweed jacket, Fat loud 70's tie, khakis, and Chuck Taylors 
"Beachin Car" to describe the Pacer when "bitchin" was a big surf term on the beach.
"Alice and Wonderland's"  Term for Jennifer's house of Folly Beach.  It had ridiculously short ceilings that caused an obstacle course for Jeff when visiting.
Jeff's name for Shamim Qazi..."Shaq Queen" when she took up residence in Tim's tree house. 
Written in Tim's quote book (Jeff1992)..."I'm really into immediate gratification but the black crowes will last a lifetime"
Q-Tip Girl...Jeff named Stephanie Lucas this moments after meeting her.  If you know her, you also know that he was the only one on this planet that could have gotten away with that.  She was laughing about it just this past weekend.
Jeff to Steph on marrying a Navy Man "You are way to hot and cool for Navy housing...what a bummer!"
Jeff and Stephanie's brother-in-law Mark (after a day of keg boating) were anxiously awaiting wings and cheese dip at Wild Wing (first one of the chain in Charleston).  The Chili Peppers song "give it away, give it away, give it away now" was overplayed and way popular.  A pleasantly buzzed Jeff and Mark start singing really loudly "give me a wing, give me a wing, give me a wing now."  Too funny and we don't know which one started it, but it has stuck.  Anytime the gang is in a wing joint someone will quote Jeff " give me a wing, give me a wing, give me a wing now!"      

Jeffrey Allen Edens


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