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Hampton Pointe...Charleston SC

Jeffrey Allen Edens...Remembered

Following a month of Dead-Shows, Jeff returned to Athens finding a note that said "We moved to Charleston!"  After a big send off, he moved to Hampton Pointe and found a new home by the sea! 1991-1993 

Jeff Strikes a pose-Hampton Pointe Apartments!
This shot was taken before driving to Marietta for fathers day.

Being a little low on cash, Jeff got creative for a father's day present.  He walked into his parent's house with his hat on backwards (as usual) and handed his dad the gift.  Inside the neatly wrapped box lay Jeff's long locks (cut off just for a smile on dad's face) and his 8 favorite earrings (removed to make dad laugh as well!)  It was a rare moment when Big Al almost cried!  Always an original and never predictable was our Jeff! 

A Visit Home From Charleston.

Tim lived just downstairs at Hampton Pointe!
Tim gave this gift when he moved out on the beach...simple words to describe living with Jeff!

Jeff's wet rear end...Hampton Pointe
Jeff took the dogs out and then sat right in doggie pee! Courtney, KaRon and Jeff have big laugh!

All Jeff's Charleston Kids! Jeff's trick for bath!
Jeff and KK gave the little guys baths together...Guess who taught them to suds-it-up together?

Meet the Charleston Children!  Before Jeff was Kyla's dad, he was a hell of a pet parent.  He met and fell in love with Space (kitty with the black dot on head) in 1990.  She was his little baby. Jeff gave her the most original name in the world that STILL TO THIS DAY fits her as she rules KaRon and Don's house!  He named her SPACE!   He reluctantly became step-pet-dad to Ewok.  For those of you who knew Ewok (Right in photo-Pekingneese), you know why I say reluctantly.  Ewok was somewhat of a parahna...You have never met 5 pounds with a bigger BITE than bark.  Jeff even tamed the little beast into being his best bud which may not seem like a giant accomplishment unless you knew the little pup (many tried and failed to earn Ewok's friendship.)  Middle doggie in tub is Niki (Courtney's Maltese).  Jeff loved her like his own when Courtney was a roommate!       

Space grew up and the black dot disappeared!
Jeff felt that Space needed to stay with Ewok when headed back home to Marietta to live!

Ewok looking like a sweet little angel!
Ewok Westmoreland 1984-1999 (may he rest in peace)!

If you ever wanted to see a tall skinny man leap 5 feet into the air, just show Jeff a crocodile (outside the parks) or a Palmetto Bug.  Jeff first learned what a palmetto bug was when living at Hampton Pointe.  This whizzing, gigantic, flying, roach (no less than 3 inches long) flew onto the futon to join Jeff in watching TV.  After swatting it away and standing on the futon yelling for help...he learned that it always good to have a "bug killer" in a relationship.  Even better, were Jeff's leaps and squeals and solid sprints to vacate any place where croc found it's way out of water and into residential quarters!     

Jeff didn't feel love for crocs or palmetto bugs
Jeff took this shot near Magnolia Gardens and the River in Charleston! Jeff's 1st crocodile siting

Every Winter Trip Back Home Jeff lived by the fire
The Beach Weather spoiled him just a little bit!!!!

Send me Charleston/Hampton Pointe photos if you have them and I'll put them on this page.  Send to ornamentk@earthlink.net.


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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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