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Robert & Jeff visit Jeff's Dad & beloved Bronco's in St. Louis

Jeffrey Allen Edens...Remembered

Robert and Jeff plan a trip to St. Louis.

What could be better for Jeff?

Traveling with his bud (Robert), seeing his team (the Bronco's) play, & having a few cold ones with his Dad, checking out the St. Louis scene, being bold enough to wear his Bronco's attire.

I'm thinking Widespread Panic opening for the Dead on a beach with a chilly wet cooler on a sunny afternoon...followed by a J.E. double fizzle good time chillin with some Snoop Dog Dizzle IS THE ONLY THING TO TOP THIS TRIP.

Robert said Jeff was a pretty happy dude especially when he got to stand by the Bronco-mobile for a photo with everyone else taking turns to hammer-down on the Bronco Truck

People were paying to beat up the Broncos-Mobile.
He told Robert he had a have a picture with it!

Robert kicked Back in St. Louis!

Jeff Hanging with Robert
St. Louis Trip!

Edens Men out to Play
Jeff and his Dad in St. Louis



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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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