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Holiday 2006 Page

Jeffrey Allen Edens...Remembered



Sadly another year has passed yet Jeff remains fresh on the mind of the many that cared for him.

Just today I heard "XTC's song Grass" and it put me right back at UGA filming a music video that I had to do for Broadcast Class. I had a bunch of friends together "playing on grass" on North Campus and at the Intramural Fields and around the pond there. It was days of filming Jeff and friends Frisbee throwing, playing Hackee Sack, building pyramids like elementary cheerleaders, rolling around in the cool grass, eating ice cream and hamming it up for my camera. Jeff loved those days surrounded by his buds doing his favorite stuff.

It is great to have those little happy memories pop up. If you have some memory that you'd like to share, I'm still here and more than happy to update the site with things anytime.

I know,for me anyway, holidays always make you think of those that are and were very special. So I wanted to let everyone know that many of you have been thinking of Jeff this year. His website has close to 10,000 hits. I know he is somewhere with a big grin about that. So here's wishing Jeff the best Holiday ever wherever he is today and during this Holiday 2006 season hopefully having a great time.

Much love and Peace to all that Visit Jeff!




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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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