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Jeff Chills Charleston!

Jeffrey Allen Edens...Remembered

Some may call Charleston uptight and stuffy...Not our Jeff.  All you had to do was walk the cobblestone downtown streets with Jeff and downtown became your playground! 
Walking behind Jeff (I swear he should have had theme music playing doop-dee-doooo :) with every step he took) in Charleston was like getting the comedy guide to the "holy city."
He made Cafe 99 his Cheers! Many an afternoon was spent on the outdoor patio listening to the early days of "Edwin McCain", "Rob Wastepaper" (Dead Covers), and everything acoustic.
He regularly sat comfortably as the only man in a group of ladies listening to gossip and chiming right in!  He could make anywhere home if given five minutes! 
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Jeff on the docks in Downtown Charleston.
Ready for the Wave Radio Nightlife Cruise!

Jeff & rommies: Courtney (L) & KaRon (R)
Like some people have sandwich day...Jeff had Cafe 99 Sundays!

Jeff's pal Seth in "the quintessential Jeff Gear"
Seth trying to look cool wearing the "Jeff Uniform" backwards trucker hat and Potter's house Jacket!

Jeff gives a welcome hug!
Jeff hugging Don and Jennifer. New Years Cafe 99.

Jeff's Favorite "going out" outfit!
He's letting the roomies know he's ready to downtown!

Jeff's Seat...Cafe 99 Charleston, SC
Where there are fish, friends, a cold drink and cool music so is Jeff!

Jeff greats Don with the famous "Whaaats up dude!"
Cafe 99 - Inside for New Years! Jeff's mom even partying with the gang!

We call this "Jeff Floats" leaving cafe 99!
The joke is "Jeff we knew you were high...but floating man!" Look no legs! Still a Mystery!?!

Chilling at Cafe 99
Jeff and KK

Jeff and friends on the way into Cafe 99.
Must be a Sunday!

Jeff Flocked by the Ladies!
Nightime boating on the Batery and River with Steph, KaRon and friends!

Friends, Lovers, Fighters, Rommies & pals at Last
Jeff and KaRon 1989-1993


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His Soul Will Continue To Shine!!!

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